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About the artist 

Aurore’s strong sense of color, composition and feeling for space and light is achieved by her fusion of crushed, powdered natural pigments with mediums that are applied in a spontaneous and expressive manner. Using tools other than traditional brushes she attacks the surface of the canvas in a direct approach, laying down unconscious traces on canvas, then scrapes areas of the composition back, then vigorously adds and scrapes again to finally achieve what meant to be seen in her eyes.

Her range of expression comprises the appearance of cities, villages, towns where she has been, the quiet silhouettes, refuges, and incidental perception of nature and its imprints. Aurore has attained a signature style that evokes both a sense of nostalgia and longing , an overall atmosphere between dream and reality.
Born in Vietnam, came to America at the end of the civil war, Aurore started her  career in the medical field; she had practiced, taught and managed nursing personnel in hospitals before deciding to follow her passion in painting.  Aurore has been living and working in France for the last twenty years, she has exhibited  in and around Paris , and mostly in her village, Barbizon,  where she was inspired and completely changed her life for the love of painting.

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